I PERSONALLY know what it’s like to be out of shape. Check out this picture of what I used to look like (when I was 240 lbs.)…

fat timo.jpg

On , 2005 I woke up from one of my drinking binges  i got up to go use the bathroom and looked over and saw my chubby reflection looking at me… I couldn’t believe what I saw… I TOTALLY let myself go… no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t hide the fat any longer… I couldn’t even fit into most of the clothes sitting in my own closet… they looked silly on me.

I felt the burden of all the extra weight, as if iron chains of fat limited me of my true life…

I looked like I didn’t care about myself or my health… as if all I did was sit around and eat junk and processed foods… like I didn’t care one damn bit about the way I looked… but I seriously DID care… One morning when I got up to start my day I sat there looking at myself in the mirror and basically had a Revelation… out of immense emotional pain I decided I’d finally had it… I swore to myself “I am going to get into the best SHAPE of my LIFE!” At first I was undecided on joining a gym, so i just started jogging and “watching what i ate”(which i had no clue what i was doing… I told some of my friends  what I was doing and they all laughed at me -“YOU, BEING HEALTHY AND IN SHAPE- IN YOUR DREAMS, JUST GOT DRINK A BEER AND RELAX Hahaha!!!” they said. What they said really got me…


    • I dragged myself into the gym and worked out for hours on end… I pushed, I pulled, and I even grunted a few times…and after all that work – MINIMAL RESULTS…


    • I tried all kinds of expensive fat burning pills that we’re supposed to increase up my metabolic rate and kill my cravings…

    • but all they did was make me panicky and jittery.


    • I tried zero-carb diets but they made me crave sugar so bad I would pig out on high carbs and sweets binges for hours… afterwards the guilt destroyed my motivation


    • I tried drinking only protein shakes and protein bars but they made me so hungry I became as ravenous as an emaciated lion in the desert


    • I tried ordering workout dvds and video tapes I was supposed to follow along in my living room but the boredom and lack of motivation made it unbearable… no wonder NOBODY gets results with those things.


    • I tried investing in home gym equipment with machines, free weights, push up bars and cardio equipment but all that did was collect cobwebs and fill up all my free space.

I tried EVERYTHING and NONE of it worked for me.


I KNEW there had to be something more to it, something I was missing, something I was doing wrong and I was determined to find out what it was…

So what did I do next?

I ordered my personal trainer book and ordered a bunch of nutrition and exercise books. I purchased every text book, magazine and media product that involved Fitness. I literally spent HUNDREDS of hours studying on the internet along with my College materials i bought from a friend and text books. I consumed every functional piece of info I could get my hands on. I studied and applied things that worked and dismissed others that didn’t. Night after night I stayed up until sunrise trying to figure out the perfect and fastest fat loss program.

I discovered is there was so much PROPOGANDA out there that finding the TRUTH became like searching for the HOLY GRAIL… And what I DISCOVERED surprised me…


Along with spending all of my time researching and studying everything related to Exercise and Nutrition I realized that there was one component that had to be mastered as well…The mind I wanted to learn the inner workings of the human mind so I didnt have the funds so I ordered a course on NLP and Psychology.

Along with the certifications i collected I also read every book and article regarding mental training I could get my hands on. I was at a point where I was reading 2-3 books a week on the subjects of Exercise, Nutrition and the Human Mind.


I discovered that there are 3 pillars to Fitness and I set forth on to create the perfect weight loss program that encompasses them all.


I took these pictures at my starting  point – it was time for a CHANGE…



I basically stumbled onto Secrets and Lies the So-Called “Experts” in the Fat Loss Industry Don’t Want You to Know About

You see, when most people try to get into shape they rely on the advice given in popular books, magazines and websites… This is a HUGE problem…

Let me explain…

The Fat Loss Industry is HUGE BUSINESS and the competition is vicious… In 2008 alone Americans spent over $46.3 Billion on fad diets, shakes, dietary supplements and fat loss programs.

Fact 1: The diet and weight loss industry is so loosely regulated the huge corporate companies get away highway robbery.

Fact 2: Many of the popular fitness magazines and websites are owned by major nutrition and dietary supplement companies. Much of the info in these periodicals are nothing but sneaky ads for their products.


Fact 3: The same corporations allocate of a ton of funds marketing with the televisions and newspapers to be able to put a spin on the “news” just about any way they want.

So what you’re reading and watching on the news about weight loss is usually NOTHING more than what these large corporations want you to believe… I’m sorry to be the one to bring you the TRUTH…


You have been lied to by Greedy Weight Loss corporations Over and Over

And because of all this dishonesty, most people who try to lose fat are doing it incorrectly… people are relying on bland foods, powders and “magical drinks”… they’re using the wrong exercises, following ineffective workouts and even worse…

When most people exercise the use HAZARDOUS form!

Not only is this highly unproductive, but it can also cause permanent injuries to your body… you can destroy your joints and ligaments as well as end up with crooked posture (observe the population at any gym and you’ll see what I mean).

So what did I do when I uncovered all these deceptions and ruthless strategies?

I got REVENGE – the BEST kind possible… I got into Ground-Breaking shape WITHOUT relying on their LIES and INFERIOR products!


What was my GAMEPLAN?

I became committed in CREATING the MOST EFFECTIVE and FASTEST muscle-toning and FAT-BURNING strategy based on all my collective knowledge and experience…

What do you think happened???

The ugly fat literally MELTED OFF my body… Muscles I NEVER knew I had become hard and defined…

In effect, I lost 50lbs and got into the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE…


Barely Anyone Believed I could TRANSFORM myself but I truly DID!

And that’s JUST the start… Now I feel like I’m 10 years younger, I have incredible energy and I even stand prouder and taller…My immune system has gotten very strong, I haven’t gotten sick in years and feel terrific all day long!

And what’s really exciting is what’s happened to my self image… Let’s just say when I look in the mirror I’m pretty damn grateful with what I see… My social life is better, my relationships are better, my well being is better, in fact EVERYTHING has improved.

Now the story could’ve ended here, but this is where it gets really exciting… You’re NEVER going to believe it, but…




You see, as I continued looking better and better something REALLY STRANGE began to happen… People started to constantly ask me questions like “How did you lose ALL that fat so fast?” and “What do you do to look SO good?” and “Can you help ME look better too?”


People started practically BEGGING me to help them get in amazing shape…

So I gave a few pointers here and there but I actually didn’t put too much thought into it… But guess what?

The first person I helped lost 27 pounds in less than 8 weeks… and the next lost 49 pounds in just 4 months! Keep in mind these are the first two people I helped… I was brand new to this whole thing and just doing it for FUN… but it made me realize just how much I enjoyed changing people’s lives!

Soon I knew what I wanted to do with my life –

help other people LOOK GOOD and FEEL GREAT…

At first I was undecided on getting into the weight loss business because I had friends who had horrible experiences with the personal trainers they worked with…

They told me about bad experiences of hiring trainers and not seeing any results. All these personal trainers did was take their hard earned money. A typical session was their trainer holding a clipboard yapping away about their personal lives throughout the workout. They also told me how the personal trainers they used hardly understood human physiology or basic nutrition concepts.

The major issue people had was that their trainers always made them perform the same tedious workout routine over and over. (Your body adapts rapidly to the same movements and you need variety of exercises to make improvements)

But just because there were some spoiled eggs in the industry I refused to let that stop me… in fact, I decided to use that in my favor by setting a positive example for other trainers to follow…

When I first started training i noticed one thing about gyms. They are more focused on sales then people's fitness results. All the trainers were focused on selling packages as opposed to getting people in shape. The managers were hell bent on having the trainers sell memberships and useless dietary pills and shakes.

I knew if I was going help people get into mind-blowing shape , i had to take a diiferent route.I’d have to use my knowledge and abilities to stop a speeding freight train dead in its tracks and break away from the industry standards…. So put all my education, knowledge and experience together to create the “XZ physique”. The “XZ physique program” is the fastest and most effective method of transforming the human body. This program is not just a cutting edge routine that improves the physical body; it’s also enhances the how the mind works in relation to Health and Fitness…

In a rapid amount of time I was able to help countless people get the bodies they wanted… it was such a such a fast rate… that the demand for my services literally shot through the roof…

What’s really amazing is most of the people I trained NEVER thought they could have a great body… and I was able to get them into lean and toned shape in almost the blink of an eye… even their own family members didn’t recognize them without doing a Double Take…


Here’s why this program works so well…

Because I’ve personally been overweight and out of shape, and have less than average genetics my program takes a radically diverse approach than the genetically blessed trainers who’ve been in good shape all of their lives and believe what works for them definitely works for everyone.

My program is for people with “Less than average” or “Average” genetics

What we do is blend CUTTING EDGE proven SCIENTIFIC FACT with FUN and INNOVATIVE state-of-the-art exercise techniques so your body will transform at a FAST rate…

I also apply the right state of mind, high energy and top-notch motivation along with world class guidance, experienced instruction and total support to give you a workout experience with exceptional results (The end result is that your going to LOOK AMAZING no matter what kind of genes you were born with)

I frequently CHANGE-UP your exercise program so you never get bored to death with the same routine, you will make non-stop progress at a fast rate because your wont be able to adapt to the diverse movements…non-stop progress at a rapid rate… This system will “trick” your body into peak shape…

Here’s what you get with our Xz physique Program and online coaching

  • Drive – I will motivate you to workout on your own. As a result attaining your fitness and diet goals will be effortless. (It is tremendously challenging for most people to get into peak shape, without this external motivation.)

  • Supervision – I will basically guide you by the hand during your entire weight loss Journey. (All you need to do is sign up and you will be put through the most effective weight loss and muscle toning workout available).

  • Teaching – I will instruct you precisely how to do every exercise and movement with correct and SAFE form (Our main goal is to keep you injury free and increase your strength and flexibility properly.)

  • Nutritional Guidance- I will teach you exactly how to structure a healthy diet. Your nutritional program will be customized to your needs. We both know that how you eat outside of the gym is half the battle. (You may even be surprised that you can EAT MORE on the XZ physique program)

  • Support – I will give you emotional and mental support which is VITAL in making constant improvements (We will make sure YOU stick with the program and implement into your life 24/7)

  • Motivation when you need it– Let’s face it we ALL have OFF days, this is where the breakdown almost always occurs. We keep you on track, moving forward, so you see and feel the results quickly. (You’ll get the necessary “kick in the butt” occasionally to keep you going!

  • Exciting Fun Filled Workouts – Its a priority that you have an awesome when you exercise with us. We all know if you don’t enjoy your workouts you wont stick with it . Our VIDAFITLIFESTYLE program is fun yet effective, you’ll never get bored with the variety we have to offer.

I created a chart on how Premium Personal training compares to various weight loss programs, like joining a gym on your own, purchasing Diet meal plans and dietary shakes or joining a weight loss center:

Vital factors for Weight Loss

XZ Physique Online Transformation Program

Joining a gym on your own

Diet Meal plans and Shakes

Weight Loss Centers






External Motivation










Increases Metabolism





Muscle Tone







Not for all people



Constant Support





Develop Habits to Maintain Great Shape Long Term





Nothing is impossible